Milton Manages Most of A Lesson


Awareness of the outside world. I favor a strict interpretation of the First Amendment, wherein the government shall not get after you. Even if you try to argue that you should be protected in general from the slings and arrows prompted by your outrageous comment, that reprehensible response is just as much protected free speech as your comment. Either way, the Gray Lady needs to pull her socks up.

Milton went back to Stepping Stone Farm last weekend. [Hooves]


Milton & husband Greg.

Did the entire walk-trot group lesson from start to finish.

Sat out the canter segment peacefully. Yeah, we were surprised. Thought it was trot-only. No matter. Milton was perfectly happy to stand in the middle. Did not stress that he might be next.

Thought the third trot was uncalled for, but chugged through, and trotted into line-up with the rest of the class. Actually, they got caught on the wrong part of the ring and had to trot alllll the way around to get into position.

Good Boy! Good Boys!

Après Lesson

One of the SSF families bought a Bemer blanket and has set up a side hustle for sessions. As before, Milton loved his. Moved marvelously the next day. [Beaming with Bemer Blanket]


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