Do You Know Where Your Barn Towel Is?


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Liked this idea so much, I gave it its own post.

The excellent swag at the Montgomery 5K included a towel. [Circling The Capitol, Walk Report]

I love this. I wish more races would do it. Universally useful. Lots of room for sponsor logos. I don’t know about your house, but we go through way more towels than shirts.

This one has been designated the sacrificial pine tar towel. The plan is to use this one and keep the rest of the barn towels in better shape. [Pine Tar Update and New Barn Rule]

It’s brightly colored. It’s easy to find. It’s not a color we have elsewhere in barn. As you can see, the right side of the towel already has an inaugural smudge from simply lying on top of the hoof care tote.

More towels please!


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