Pine Tar Update and New Barn Rule


Awareness of the outside world. Pi Day. [To Celebrate Pi Day, 10 Examples of Numbers and 10 Examples of Math Involved with Horses, March 2020. It was coming. We knew it would be bad. Did we have any idea how bad? Would we have wanted to know?]


Still loving pine tar for hooves. This brand in particular. [Feet Change]

Both horses easily went six weeks between blacksmith appointments. That’s a record for Rodney.

Rodney is much less of a drama queen after getting shod. Haven’t had to use booties in months. [Shoeing Dilemma August 2021, Booties Bonanza, March 2021, Back In Booties Feb 2021]

Continuing to get raves from blacksmith. Well, for a blacksmith definition of rave.

The goo is easy to work with. It does not run everywhere the way, say, Kopertox does. [Text Art: K is for Kopertox(R)]


Where pine tar goes, it stays. Barn towels fresh out of the laundry look like dirty shop rags. Sleeves. Pant legs. Horse hair. Seriously, we used it for a scratch on Milton. Worked great. Then long after the boo-boo was no longer an issue, we had to scrub out the last of the pine tar.

Which leads to our new barn rule.

One does NOT pine tar while wearing britches.


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