Poof, There Went April


Awareness of the outside world. I have nothing to add.

I present this in the spirit of …

Man plans, God Laughs. Again. [God Laughs]

or …

Where does the time go?

Back at the end of March, I was bold enough to post that the horses go places for schooling.

Milton goes to Stepping Stone Farm to practice with other horses in a group lesson. [Hooves, Lesson]

Rodney goes to Falcon Hill Farm to practice over tiny jumps. [Ears, Ring]

[There Is Nothing Routine About Routine]


End of March, Milton goes to Stepping Stone Farm. Rodney kinks his neck. [Routine]

First weekend in April, Clinic. [Thoroughbred Theatrics, Rodney at the Ellen Beard Clinic]

Second weekend in April. Clinic a big adventure for everyone. Easy weekend and start on Virtual Tevis mileage. [Heading Down the Trail, Week 1, Virtual Tevis 2022]

Third weekend in April. Storms. [Chugging Along, Week 2, Virtual Tevis 2022]

Fourth weekend in April. SSF at show. Rodney on bench out due to l’affaire bug bite. [In Which We Learn Things But Not The Things We Were Setting Out to Learn]

Fifth weekend in April. Milton does his group lesson. Rodney drums up storms for Sunday.

There goes April, and a bit of March.

I know I keep saying this. [Routine, In Which We Learn Things]

Partly. Available topics of discussion lately are pretty much Virtual Tevis, the weather, and ‘What has Rodney done to himself lately’.


Partly. Definitely frustrating. I keep asking Coach Molly if we can come over and then having to cancel. Also an element of fascination. What will come up next.

Spent last weekend watching Rolex LRK3DE and feeling that Michael Jung and I exist at different ends of the universe.


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