In Which We Learn Things But Not The Things We Were Setting Out to Learn


Awareness of the outside world. BBC: Why do billionaires want to own the news? Hooker, 2018.


This post was supposed to be an ears photo from last weekend of us at Falcon Hill Farm applying the clinic lessons to poles and maybe a tiny crossrail. [Thoroughbred Theatrics, Rodney at the Ellen Beard Clinic]

Did this happen?


On Friday, Rodney had an itch on his side. By Saturday morning, he had a tiny, insignificant, slightly swollen bug bite. Right under the girth.


That’s okay, I’ll hop on bareback and we’ll plonk along for the Virtual Tevis.

Did this happen?


You may be sensing a trend.

Well, yes, we did achieved VT mileage. Casual it was not. I keep thinking that tossing on a bridle and going for a walk is a low-key way to interact with a horse.


No transgressions were committed, but I did have to interrupt the trail walk with bit of dressage to talk him down out of the trees. This from a horse who does not like the sandbox.

I am finally (finally!) hearing him. Does Rodney like bareback?


Much like group classes, I am declaring this not a necessary life skill for us. [Theatrics]

Plus, the dismount was even worse than last time. Not sure why it is so hard to swing off this horse. I don’t remember bareback dismounts being this much of an issue. The decanting, shall we say, lacked grace.

I tweaked something across the front of my chest. Spent two days and one sleepiness night thinking it was indigestion. Who pulls a rib muscle?!? Pepto is wonderful stuff. Does it help with muscle errors?



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  1. I have pulled practically every muscle it is possible to do. Figure out which moments cause pain and avoid them. Move as much as you can to avoid the rest of your body stiffening up. Use a heating pad at low heat, but not for too long as a time. Intermittent use works better. I’d send you one of mine if I thought it would get there in time….

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