Overthinking Saddle Seat Lessons


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tldr: Saddle seat lessons. Amusing sideline or distraction that is dissipating my energy?

Ooooh that looks interesting

I like the horses.

I like the horses so much that I am considering breaking my life-long attachment to Thoroughbreds. [Picking Classes For My Imaginary Horse]

The people are welcoming. [Where Everybody Knows Our Name]

So I take a few lessons. Maybe catch a show.

It’s a few days & one show

I get out of the house.

I see people.

I learning new things by watching.

I enjoy a program I can have success with. Not just ribbons, but being able to simply get on and ride.

But it’s not just one show

It’s a slippery slope, or to put it more kindly, a warm, comfy blanket that is almost what I want.


I can’t just lesson & leave. [Have You Got All Day? Anatomy of A Saddle Seat Lesson]

Similarly, one show becomes a second show because why not it’s local becomes a third show because then I get points toward a year-end ribbon.

What’s wrong with three shows spread over entire year? Because it’s not the year, it’s the Saturdays.

Saturdays are a finite commodity. This year will have 53 of them. One third of them will be during the winter/off-season. Add in a handful that are not horse-available due to storms and non-horse life events. That means three shows are closing in on 10% of the available Saturdays.

Even if it was one show

Shouldn’t I be concentrating on my own horses and my own progress toward what I claim I want?

Do both? In theory yes, especially with the understanding of Stepping Stone Farm, who are kind enough to accommodate my flittering.

In reality? See slippery slope above.

Stop doing what is comfortable and convenient.

Start moving. Remotivating the horse shopping would be job one. [Status Of The Horse Hunt, Needle Pegged at Overwhelm]

This assumes that I would take the energy from saddle seat and redirect it. [Energy Usage].

Maybe I’d just sit in a lump. When I took a blogging break, I didn’t magically have more space in my life, as one might have assumed. Nope, Hello Lumpville, Population me.

Plus the stomach-wrenching horror of it all.

To refresh. Nervous wreck before lesson. Fine during & after.

Is this a prompting from my subconscious that I should heed? Or it is a weird glitch in my brain that I should ignore?

Am I overthinking this?


Doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

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