Help From Above, Week 3, Virtual Tevis 2022


Awareness of the outside world. The Dartmouth: Dartmouth to return Samson Occom’s possessions to Mohegan Tribe, Rojas, 4/14/22.


Distance: 24.1 miles, both horses.

Details: 12 rides, 10 hours 48 minutes, 2.23 mph, 26:53 pace.


Our GPS has been recalibrated. Once around the pasture now measures .4 miles, up from ~1/3 of a mile. Six times around is closer to 2.5 miles rather than 2 miles. It adds up.

Rode one of the miles bareback. Went about as well as it did the last time I tried it, with an even less graceful dismount, if that is possible. [Sans Saddle]

Virtual Tevis Cup 2022
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