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Awareness of the outside world. These are the same jeans I had on in a 2016 post [Macho]. No one can accuse me of indulging in fast fashion. “Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying.” Lucy Siegle, journalist and author. “Demand quality not just in the products you buy, but in the life of the person who made it.” Orsola de Castro, designer and cofounder of Fashion Revolution. (Original sources lost in a sea of requotes. 32). OTOH, it’s easy for me to sneer at fashion, because I so clearly have none. [My Denim Guide]

Milton was using Rodney’s saddle. We wanted to ride together. So, I hopped on bareback. [The Tack Change]

I survived an hour & 13 minute ride! Go me!

Granted it was all at a walk, but that’s the longest I’ve ridden bareback in ages.

Getting off was a bit of a sideshow. My right leg was not responding particularly well at that point. By the time I managed to heave it over the horse, I lost control of the dismount and ended up slithering down his side. There were sound effects.

Rodney is reasonably comfy, for a Thoroughbred, but has a big, swinging stride. I practiced staying loose and sitting up tall.

You may now be impressed with my balance.

You may now be impressed with my fortitude.

You may now ignore the one-handed, white-knuckle grip I had on the mane.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “Sans Saddle

  1. Yay you! I miss riding bareback on a well-padded horse. 🙂 I wouldn’t have dared ride my last horse bareback. Aside from withers like a pyramid, he could also do a 180-degree spook-and-teleport-sideways in a split second. It would not have gone well.

    1. I probably rode bareback more than with a saddle; as my spine worsened the motion of Chief under me was theraputic, and he kept me from falling when I got pain spasms so bad I could barely breathe. Years earlier, I rode Priney bareback sometimes but she was like an overstuffed easy chair. I did some jumping with her bareback, but no higher than 2’3″ ( know because i knew the height of the little coop we jumped).

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