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What is your shopping IQ? Mine is abysmal.

A while back, I attended a blogger meet-up. Since then I have been following some of the bloggers I met. I read Budding Fashionista because she’s local and as a glimpse into an alien landscape. I am as likely to go clothes shopping for pleasure as I am to sell everything and move to Paris. But I like to read about people who engage in these unlikely activities.

I have nothing against the fashion industry. Surrounding one’s self with beauty is a noble aim. I’m sure Budding Fashionista spends less on her clothes than I do on horse shows.

Recently, she posted a Denim Guide. She talks about boot fit versus skinny, distressed versus color. She talks about how to style the jeans. She talks about balance. And fun. And color-blocking.

Say what?

I have two types of jeans. Ones I wear to the around the barn and ones that are suitable for the general public. This is how I tell the difference:

barn jeans wm

A fashionista I am not, neither budding nor otherwise.

BTW, the site referenced above has a jeans giveway that ends tomorrow tonight at midnight. Definitely not barn jeans.

Failed attempt at this week’s art photo.

A Riot of Color
A Riot of Color

Great colors. Good shapes. The whole is less than a sum of its parts. Reveal on Monday.

Show tomorrow. One-day, there and back again. Perhaps packing tweets later today.

5 thoughts on “My Denim Guide

  1. well I’m just glad you’ve read my blog!! haha when it comes down to it.. no one really NEEDS a pair of jeans. anything to cover the bottom half and top half are pretty much what’s required to be accepted and function in society, right? and that could even be questionable depending on what part of the country you may be in! great post and thanks for linking me! 🙂

    1. Of course one needs at least one and preferably several pairs of jeans! They are a wardrobe essentials. The first thing i did when i can home from work, decades ago, was take off the slacks and put on the jeans. Or britches, if i had a riding lesson. It gets cold here in the winter. Jeans have a comfort level that winter pants just can’t match. LOL

  2. I have several pairs of jeans. i’ve also got some kakhais left over from my working days, which would make them 20 years old at least. and some gym pants hanging in my closet because i haven’t gotten ’round to hemming them. Will probably end up just folding up the hems & not sewing. When i buy jeans in petite, i only have to turn up 4-5 inches.
    Love both photos!!

  3. I’m just coming out of a serious, seven-year fashion slump whereupon I went through menopause and my whole perspective on fashion ended up one big hot sweaty mess. Literally. I used to have a great handle on how to dress myself, but the landscape changed so much (hair, figure, attitude, etc., etc., etc.) that I simply walked away from the whole process. Then, at the urgings of a dear friend (fashion diva) I visited a really great (local) boutique, staffed by women (mostly my age and older, believe it or not) who knew how to reawaken my desire to dress more fashionably than a crusty old barn hand. I’m afraid they may have created a monster; that’s how much I’m starting to enjoy shopping now that I know what the heck I’m doing again. Thanks for the blog tip … I’ve dutifully followed and will see where it leads!

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