Changing the Blanketing Protocol, In Which Rodney Plays The Old Man Card


Awareness of the outside world. Think you know about censorship? You probably don’t. The inquisition wasn’t a single organization, Orwell mostly got it wrong, and the most important change in modern times mostly went unnoticed. YouTube video, stay for the Q&A. Tracing Censorship of Radical Ideas Across Centuries: Historian Ada Palmer, U Chicago, Jun 29, 2021.

The more I ponder this & watch the news, the more I think everyone should see this video to better understand how censorship functions in the world.


Rodney has decreed that any temps under 70, possibly 80, degrees is chilly and he will be covered, thank you very much, that is all.

Fortunately, he is so gentle on blankets that we can turn him out in a regular stable sheet. No ripstop nylon/canvas outershell. No leg straps. No belly band. Just front buckle closures and loose cross body straps. If you are going to be picky, at least make it easy on the minions.

This is the third horse of ours who has become a blanket hog in their old age.

Previous Horse, stable name Caesar, always liked being warm. In retirement, he wore a fleece day sheet, much like an old man in a cardigan. It was, appropriately, Imperial purple.

Mathilda scoffed at blankets for the longest time. We finally got her to wear the light version of Caesar’s winter blanket. By the time she was single, she had become a bigger fan of blankets. Since she had access to the full wardrobe, we put Caesar’s heavy blanket on her one night.

Us: Try this. What do you think?
Mathilda: I think you’ve been holding out on me.

As she aged there were double blankets, night blankets, day blankets, and so on. If memory serves, there was a point where she had a night blanket, a day blanket, and a transition blanket. Yes, three items of apparel each day, with the all required changing thereof.

I’ve said it before. When I come back, I want to come back as one of my horses.


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  1. Nancy (barn manager) said she’d like to come back as my horse only it wouldn’t work as we were too close in age. I’ll take either of my horses, thank you very much.

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