A Plethora of Purple


Art from the outside world. Newsweek: Video of Man Turning Into Random Objects Viewed Over 5 Million Times, Beresford, 7/14/21. Instagram: kevinbparry. Twitter: @kevinbparry.



iPenBox Spring 2022. Not a review. Product used for inspiration. No discounts or affiliation with company other than as a customer. Yes, I have leftovers, see below.

Purple Ribbons

[Looking Forward 2015, photo]
[Show Report: Important Questions from NACHS 2014, Part 1 & Part 2, ribbon]

Judge’s Choice/Empire Fleece Event/Fiber Arts Show

[Fancy Ribbon 2014]

7th in the US & Canada. 6th in UK & New Zealand. Also says that purple is used for championship colors in the US & elsewhere. I have my doubts, for the US at least. Wiki: Horse Show

Purple in the Pile

Lurking in my To Be Read pile. Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World, Garfield, (Norton 2002). Articles on subject CNN, VOX, Time, Google Doodle. Author talks about, SG: Mauve.

Computer Purple

hex #800080


Purple, #800080, 50% red, 0% green, 50% blue
#660066, 40/0/40
#4d004d, 30/0/30
#330033, 20/0/20
#1a001a, 10/0/10
Black, #000000, 0/0/0

Purple, #800080, 50% red, 0% green, 50% blue
#993399, 60/20/60
#b366b3, 70/40/70
#cc99cc, 80/60/80
#e6cce6, 90/80/90
White #ffffff, 100/100/100

Helpful. Percent to Hex Converter – Joshua Miron

Purple Posts

“That moment when … you realize wiping off the Blu-Kote was a bad idea.” [Combined Driving Lesson, Cones, scroll down, 2016]

“Your veterinary spray malfunctions.” [You Know You Are A Horse Person When 2016]

“Previous Horse’s retirement color. It’s good to be the king emperor.” [Text Art: Barn Colors 2014]

“Previous Horse, stable name Caesar, always liked being warm. In retirement, he wore a fleece day sheet, much like an old man in a cardigan. It was, appropriately, Imperial purple.” [Changing the Blanketing Protocol 2022]

Pantone Color of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet 18-3838
[Change the Year, Change the Color]
[Letter Art: Changing the Year]

Purple Links

TV Tropes: Purple Prose

Late Bloomer: The Surprising Story Behind the Poem “When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple”


Another notebook I will not use. Can I slip it into an envelope for someone? Dot grid paper. [Free To Good Home]


Obliviously, the world is far more purple. This was personal references rather than a exhaustive catalogue of the color. That’s why horse show ribbons but not songs. What does purple say to you?


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