Free To Good Home, Pens, Pencils, Notebooks


Instruments For Words

Free stuff.


I have too much.

Help me out.

I have two writing implement subscription boxes: iPen and Field Notes. Love them both. Not planning on stopping.


The stuff accumulates. Particularly Field Notes. I use them for notes when I go out. I don’t go out much. So, I have extra.

Up For Grabs
Pens. Mostly fountain pens. A few other types.

Pencils. Writing rather than drawing. Erasers. You may have it ALL. Hate pencils. I hate how they smear. I hate how graphite gets everywhere. Yes, yes. Ink can smear when wet or when rewet. I have an irrational dislike of pencils. Don’t confuse me with facts.

Field Note notebooks. Softcover. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2. Fits in most pockets.

Non-FN Notebooks. The iPen boxes often come with paper in various forms.

So why keep up the subscriptions if I have too many? Partly novelty. The enjoyment of having something new come into the house every few months. Partly being able to write and take notes with something pretty. Why not make life beautiful where you can?

Questions for you
What can I rehome to you? Pens? Paper? Pencils (pleeeeease)?

How much stuff? A reasonable selection? All! The! Things!?

How often? Keep ’em coming or once is enough for now?

Yes, you will be getting my cast-offs. They will be new, or reasonable close to. Some of the early pens I used and cleaned. Who knows. You may hate what I like and be enchanted with the Schneider aesthetic. You can’t argue with the price. Notebooks will be unused.

Pens might NOT come with ink. May need to buy ink cartridge &/or plunger. Depends on pen.

While I dislike wrapping and mailing, I think even I can slid a few pens &/or notebooks into a padded envelope.

On the off chance this explodes in wild rush, I will divide up the loot &/or keep a list of names for the future.

US or APO addresses. International mail is co$tly.

No complaining. I can’t imagine you would. But. At LEGO conventions, sets are given away. People have been know to fuss about an item they just got for free.

Generosity can be weird. If the offer makes you uncomfortable, consider that …

a) You are doing me a favor by using and enjoying what is just sitting around my house.

b) Pay it forward.

c) Guest post. Surely there is a horse statue, sign, logo, whatnot in your town that would be suitable for a photo post.

Comment below or contact me at

Stay safe. Stay sane.

7 thoughts on “Free To Good Home, Pens, Pencils, Notebooks

  1. When we drove from our home north of Seattle to Portland to visit my Gaga and Papa, the best part was driving on the west edge of downtown Seattle on the Alaska Way Viaduct. The buildings we passed on that elevated stretch of highway were old, several stories high, and mostly converted to warehouses. (There would be a resurgence of appreciation for these old urban neighborhoods.) Anyway. The good bit.

    It must once have been a stable. The sculpted horse head (stone?) centered in the peak right at my eye level was what I watched for when I was five and seven and twelve and right through the years every time we drove past.

    It is likely gone now. The viaduct is gone.

    But there will always be horses. There must always be horses.

    Send me something, if you’d like, if it isn’t going to someone more deserving and/or someone quicker. I like notebooks and pens, especially with fine tips. Surprise me.

  2. …I seriously have a pen/notebook obsession… I didn’t know they made subscription boxes for that sort of thing… you have my undivided attention…

  3. Love pens,but it you’ve seen a recent post you know I’ve got enough pencils for a lifetime, but those are for drawing.. Notebooks, especially strangely shaped ones. Thank you!

  4. Damn that international postage!!! It’s probably for the best. My current stationary is about to reach critical mass and develop sentience. I for one welcome my new inky overlords.

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