Text Art: Barn Colors

colors black

The base color, because black & white is what I do (journalism) and how I think.

In addition, each horse has a color for personal items: feed buckets, grooming slips, brush boxes, etc.

colors hot pink

Previous Horse’s competition color.

colors purple

Previous Horse’s retirement color. It’s good to be the king emperor.

colors blue

colors green

Process note: These are no longer done in haste. Instead, they reflect a refreshing element of spontaneity.

2 thoughts on “Text Art: Barn Colors

  1. Everything i got for Toby (previous dog) was some shade of blue, although a lot turned out more a dark teal color. Eowyn (current dog) has hot pink as her color, because, being black and white it really shows up, and because she’s such a diva. Angel when we’re out and she’s working, diva at home. sometimes have to settle for a different shade of pink. She’s between sizes so hard to buy for.
    With Priney (Prin-ee) and Chief, everything was as blue and brown as i could make it. I had a blue/brown striped shirt that was perfect for cross country. My helmet, back in the days of “mushroom head” (that thing protected me more than once, even just out for a quiet trail ride) had a cover that was brown with a blue stripe. I still have both their halters. I didn’t always do well, but i enjoyed bopping around – especially since Katherine taught Priney that cross-country was fun.

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