Books to Blocks, An Exercise In Image Making


Images of the outside world. Balloon Juice: Saturday Morning Open Thread: Space Quilts, TaMara|,  April 23, 2022.


Quiltfolk is holding a yearlong workshop on making quilt blocks from book cover images. I am not particpating in the workshop. I did, however, run off with the idea of making quilt block image from a book cover(s). Patchwork & Prose: A Bookish Block of the Month With Quiltfolk, for info only, registration closed.

This image is inspired by an early Macmillan printing of the Chronicles of Narnia. These were the editions my grade school library carried and were my introduction to the series. Each book had a different color cover with a inset black and white line drawing surrounded by a pink/yellow frame. The Disordered Image, An Image Catalog of C.S. Lewis’ English Editions.

Sewing. If this sort of thing flips your fabric, the National Quilt Museum has a free program. NQM: Block Of The Month Club.

Not sewing. Andrew Skilleter: The Narnia Cover Story ~The Artist’s Perspective. Which I would admire if I would admit to an illustrator of Narnia other than Pauline Baynes.

Update. It would have made sense to have a picture of the cover. However, I don’t have any of this edition, I couldn’t find a good, direct online link that wasn’t sales, and buying a sample copy only occurred to me belatedly. Will add the image if I can find one. [Fantasy Cover Art: Horse & His Boy everything but]


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