Where Everybody Knows Our Name

Training Journal


When we take the horses out for schooling, we find ourselves going to Stepping Stone Farm more often than not. It isn’t the closest. Falcon Hill Farm is ten miles closer with superb all-weather footing and a full jump course. SSF doesn’t have the most facilities. Full Circle Horse Park has a dressage ring, a large covered ring, show jumps, a cross-country course, and the largest area in which to hack.

It’s the place we fit in the best.

We know the barn routine. If we want quiet, we know when to go; if we want busy, ditto. When we arrive, I don’t have to ask for the schedule. I can look at the board to see who is riding when. I know the pattern of the lessons. I can look at a group lesson in the big ring and say, ‘yeah, they’re almost done.’ I know the horses. I was reluctant to walk Rodney along the driveway and around the rings. I didn’t want to disturb the lessons in progress. Then I looked at the horses being ridden, Sam and two other old hands. Nope. Nothing is going to bother those guys. Off we went.

And so we end up schooling at a saddle seat barn, when a hunter/jumper barn or an event barn would be a more logical choice.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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