The Ups And Downs Of Walking

Training Journal

Quiet side: It is wonderful to be walking our horse.

Competitive side: Yes it is. When are we going to trot?

Quiet side: We trot. And canter.

Competitive side: Pffft. A few minutes on a long rein is not trotting. Well, technically it is trotting. But it’s not working. Circles. Contact. Basic stuff. Canter more often than once a month.

Quiet side: It’s all about anxiety management. He knows how to do everything already. As soon as his brain is online, the body will follow.

Competitive side: Interesting how the sensitive horsemanship answer is the same as the weenie answer.

Quiet side: That’s rude.

Competitive side: Yup. And may I also point out that he is 20 years old. That’s a whole new level of starting late.

Quiet side: May I point out how how far we’ve come.

Competitive side: Jumping. Remember jumping?

Quiet side: —

Competitive side: I thought so. Ain’t gonna get ready for jumping by walking around on the buckle.

Quiet side: Festina lente.

Competitive side: Lots of lente; not so much festina.

Quiet side: It takes the time it takes.

Competitive side: Life is short. Yolo.

Quiet side: We are smelling the flowers.

Competitive side: We are wandering around aimlessly.

Quiet side: Potato, potahto.

Competitive side: We have the chance to own a fantastically talented horse and this is what we chose to do with him?

Quiet side: Are you trying to help or trying to crank up the guilt knob?

Competitive side: Whatever it takes.

Quiet side: Be quiet. It is wonderful to be walking our horse.
And there you have my brain.

Discussing the Dichotomy
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Does anyone else’s brain send mixed messages?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

6 thoughts on “The Ups And Downs Of Walking

  1. Every. Single. Week:

    Practical mind: I should bring my horse home.

    Frivolous mind: And ride (safely) where?

    Practical mind: We are surrounded by state forests that have served fine in the past.

    Frivolous mind: Winter? Rainy fall? Wet Spring? Buggy summer?

    Practical mind: Nobody takes care of him like I would.

    Frivolous mind: He makes easy-keepers look complicated.

    Practical mind: He could get better trail experience from home.

    Frivolous mind: Boarding barn dumps into the same state forest.

    Practical mind: He needs to meet the home team at some point.

    Frivolous mind: You forgot you own a mare and two senior geldings?

    Practical mind: He would be so much happier living outside 24/7

    Frivolous mind: At a barn that’s already one horse over your two horse limit?

    Practical mind: I’d save the equivalent of a mortgage payment every month.

    Frivolous mind: ….

  2. Nice to know I am not alone.

    “Practical mind: Nobody takes care of him like I would.” Yup. Yup. Yup. I can’t imagine boarding again. I would be the boarder from hell, particularly at a training barn.

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