An Array Of Ears


Awareness of the outside world. Speaking of ears, a commenter on the Contact page (waves hi!) talked about the donkeys of SoCal. I had no idea. KCET: The Wild Donkeys of the Inland Empire, Clarke 2015.


Wednesday, Bingo at Stepping Stone Farm.

Bingo is the beginner up-down horse who does double duty for in-the-saddle exercise sessions. As I posted without stirrups, I noticed that I kept pitching up and to the right. I had gotten the habit of being crooked to match my crooked horse.

Note to self. Watch right hip sliding forward on Rodney. I know he is hollow on the right front quadrant, see yesterday. I thought I had addressed this. Apparently not. Apparently, it will be a on-going, constant, every stride issue. And that is why one does leg lessons.

Friday, Frankie at Stepping Stone Farm.

New horse. Go me!

Two lessons last week because camp this week and I intend to stay far, far away.

This is what happens when you put your ears up & arch your neck. Tip of left year just visible.


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