Catching The Judge’s Eye


Awareness of the outside world. Rome celebrates its 2775th birthday today. The Local: Why Rome celebrates its birthday on April 21st, April 2021

Lesson with Optimus, last Friday at Stepping Stone Farm. Worked on adding pizzazz. Learning to stand out from the crowd.

At first, I filed this as a group class dynamic, a technique I am not likely to need outside of saddle seat.

Now, I’m wondering.

Would putting some sizzle on the steak help a rider stand out during an interminable afternoon of endless Training Level tests? In theory, dressage is all about training. But it is still a horse SHOW. Don’t make the judge look for how good you are. Flaunt how good you are. Maybe?

Alternatively, I have not gotten out of the basement in either discipline. So this is all speculation on my part.


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