The Search Iterates, Hay Quest 2022


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The search for hay continues.

Local feed stores have been out for weeks.

Local chain out.

Other branch of chain has a new load. I head over.

Train on the way out. You can’t see from the photo; the train has stopped.

Train on the way back.

Success! So I didn’t mind the second train so much.

We used to fill the barn with a large load of lovely hay that lasted all winter. After that particular farm stopped producing, we’ve had trouble finding a steady source of hay that these two yahoos will eat. I don’t want to get 150 bales only to watch them grind it into the dirt.

From Spring 2021 “… when one’s overfed, spoiled, picky eaters have spent the last several weeks pushing last year’s leftovers around their plates.” [Hurrah]

They will eat when they get hungry enough? I have my doubts. [Feeding Horses, I’m Good]

Hay Quest 2022 continues!

Yes, pandemic. Yes, supply chain. Mostly, early Spring.

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