Feeding Humans, Feeding Horses


Awareness of the outside world. ” ‘The supply chain network is so complicated that if somebody sneezes in one place, somebody else gets the cold in another place,’ says Husain.” NPR: Russia’s war on Ukraine is dire for world hunger. But there are solutions, Aizenman, March 6, 2022.

Recently, a friend needed help (waves hi!), so I went grocery shopping.

I know. I’m as shocked as you are.

The adventure here is that my husband does all the grocery shopping. In the days when I went into the store, I was good for $20-$30 of expensive, packaged treats. Now the dog & I wait in the car.

Back to me in foreign territory.

Text friend: What want? PB&J?
Answer: Sure.

What do you mean sure? What PB? What J?

Same for soup and coffee additives. They were fine with whatever I got. Either they were being polite since I was getting the food, or they are broad-minded about what they eat.

Me, not so much.

PB? Creamy.

Soda? Coke in 7-oz mini cans. Not big cans. Not plastic bottles. Definitely not big, one-liter plastic bottles.

Ice cream? Baskin-Robbins mint chocolate chip or don’t bother.

The problem is that if I don’t see what I like, I don’t eat.

Seriously. I wander off, get involved in something else, and forget to eat.

Those of you who watched me attempt to feed myself in my single, pre-chef husband days are now nodding your heads or rolling your eyes. Or both.

I bring this up here because it explains why I get along with Thoroughbreds.

Don’t like this batch of hay, even though it looks identical to that other batch of hay? Okay, I’ll go to the third feed store & see what they have.

Don’t want to stay in your stall and eat, even though you like this hay and you need weight? Okay, we’ll try again later.

High-strung? High maintenance? Moi?


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