Horse Opinions on Hay Net Enrichment and Other Activities


Awareness of the outside world. The Guardian: Ceramic cockerels surprise Boris Johnson and Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Kyiv walk, Rachwani, 9 Apr 2022.


This is what happens when you hide alfalfa among boring, late season hay. [Spring Snacks]

We Bid Adieu To Our Clinic Adventure

The day after the clinic, we debated taking the horses out for a stroll. Loosen up the muscles. Enjoy the beautiful Spring day. Cool down from the mental effort of the clinic. Yes? No?

Horses hanging out in barn.

We move trailer up to barn to unload.

Start moving tack.

Rodney disappears from sight.

Milton moseys out after him.

Milton, want cookies?

(He *always* comes for cookies.)

Nope, I’m good. Continues walking away.

No haste. No drama. Simply a slow sashay down the field.

Okay. Catch you tomorrow. Enjoy your day off.


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