Exercise and The Illusion Of Social Contact, State of the Fitness, March 2022

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Congratulations to the future Honorable Ketanji Brown Jackson, Associate Justice, The United States Supreme Court. Background & experience record, whitehouse.gov: President Biden nominates Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Two of my regular exercises are solo activities with a digital social component.

Tai Chi is an online class. Think full-body Zoom meeting. Since we live out in the country, I still have to beam up to the mothership for wifi. No broadband cable access here. So, it is slow. I can receive video and talk, but sending video tends to crash the system. I feel weird talking without showing my face. Therefore, I stay dark & muted aside from saying thank you at the end. All anyone sees of me is Meg’s lovely photo as my Zoom screen. [Inside and Outside TC class, Author Photo]

Walks are solo. Afterwards, I message my online walking group. They cheer. They message me when they have walked. I cheer. [October Walks, walking group]

I go into detail in order to ask a question. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Why This Is A Good Thing

People! Human contact! Someone other than my husband! The knowledge that people are out there in the wide world doing things! A reminder that the wide world is still out there!

Why This Is A Bad Thing

I am looking at people. I am texting at people. I am not actually interacting with people.

In the TC class, I see people but do not converse with them. In the walking group, we converse in sequence. At no point am I in real-time dialogue with another human.

What Sort Of Thing Is It?

An exciting aspect of the digital age? Or, I’m kidding myself because humanity has not changed since we gathered around fires before civilization began? Or, I need to get out more? Well, that last was true before the pandemic.


Walking – 25 days out of 31 days. Pretty happy with that. Of the six missed days, two were SSF lessons, one was biking, one was stormy, one was a Saturday undoubtedly doing horse things. That leaves only one day of giving it the complete raspberry. Again, walking comes easily to me, and my strolls are as much mental as physical. On one hand, pleased that I’m staying with it. OTOH, not particularly upholding tradition as a graduate of a jock school.

Tai Chi – 14 days out of 23 possible weekdays. I seem to go in streaks. Once I miss a day, I’ll miss a few more. When I miss the morning live session, I always make the intention of catching up with a video. I never do. [State of the Fitness, Inside and Outside]

Biking – one day. The bikes work! We remember how to ride them!

IRL Places


Falcon Hill Farm, twice. Combining Rodney’s preride in-hand walk warmup with my daily walk. [Ears, Ring]

Veterans Park, Alabaster AL

Strip Mall # 1. Because mud in pasture.

Strip Mall #2. Ditto.

Downtown Montgomery. IRL 5K. [Circling The Capitol, Walk Report, Montgomery 5K]

Virtual Places

Mississippi River
Post [Rolling Down The River, Guest Photo]
Mileage log [Biking and Walking Virtually, Mississippi River, Part One, Minnesota]

Post [Walking With Ukraine]
Mileage log [Walking Virtually Kyiv]

Mileage log [Biking Virtually, Great Ocean Road, The Sequel]


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  1. Your energy and consistency are admirable. The variety of your exercise is impressive. Well done.

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