Open Call For Vicarious Travel

Blogging About Blogging

Awareness of the outside world. Free fiction. Whatever: A New Story For You: Grizzly Bear Conflict Manager.

Going somewhere interesting? Live somewhere that is not here? Take us with you! I’d love to give guest space to your holiday/home photo(s).

Horse mural? [Green Horses on the Wall, Lisbon, Portugal, Guest Photo]

Horse, or horse-adjacent, statue? [Travel Foto Friday: London, Imperial Camel Corps Memorial, Guest Post]

Horse logo? [Hipico Del Mar]

Horses in history? [Shipshape, Travel Week, Day 1, Greenwich, England, Guest Photo]

I wanna see it all!

Comment or DM me. Let’s talk.

To everyone who has sent photos over the years, thank you!

To everyone, more please!

[Archives. Go have a clickfest, my friends are amazing.]

Dreary Bits

No money. For amusement only.

Usage, one blog post. Possible reprints in later posts, as above.

Take the photo yourself. Avoids complicating the copyright. Plus, we want your eye and your creativity. Most cellphone or small auto cameras will render a decent daylight snapshot.


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