Thoroughbred Thoughts, Milton at the Ellen Beard Clinic


Awareness of the outside world. Equine Ink: Re-Envisioning the Medieval Charger.

Ellen Beard
Success in the Saddles
Multi-Disciplinary Clinic
Stepping Stone Farm
Chelsea AL, USA
Friday 1 April & Saturday 2 April 2022

Alas, no miracle moments for Milton. [Thoroughbred Theatrics]


Clinician recommended tack adjustments that were put into effect with immediate improvement.

Clinician had rider suggestions that will prove useful moving forward. Some we knew. Some were new.

Clinician had Milton & Greg going well by the end of the session.


Milton continued to prove that he does not rise to an occasion.

Greg can get Milton going that well, or better, on his own. Might take longer. Might not be as smooth getting there. Destination about the same.

Changes were good but minor. No Aha! moments.


Whatever the keys to Milton are, we will have to figure them out ourselves.


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