Circling The Capitol, Walk Report, Montgomery 5K

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Awareness of the outside world. “The funds raised at this event will allow the Heritage Hall to continue providing support for enlisted education programs and the development of museum-quality displays and exhibits that chronicle the contributions of enlisted men and women throughout aviation history.” Enlisted Heritage 5K.

Enlisted Heritage 5K
with the Montgomery Half
Montgomery AL, USA
Saturday, March 12, 2022

Time – 55:06.02, official
Pace – 17:46
Place – full roster results not listed
Gender/Age Group – 10 out of 14

Full name of the half marathon is The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Montgomery Half Marathon presented by Montgomery Multisport and the Enlisted Heritage 5K. That’s some good sponsorship acquisition.

The definition of last to start. Those Montgomery folks were fast. I passed way fewer people than I was expecting. I guess Sunday Strollers don’t come out at 35o.

Not flat. Up a long, gently sloping hill to the Alabama State Capitol, around the building, & back down the main drag. So, 55 minutes is a good time, considering. More sore than usual the next day, probably from being tight in the cold.

For someone who grew up in Federalist DC, the Ye Olde Roman architecture on the government and State Association buildings looked familiar. Did you know that Roman columns were painted? This upsets some people.

Color in the Ancient World, Brandon Locke MSU 2017

The New Yorker: The Myth of Whiteness in Classical Sculpture 2018

Finished in Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium, home of the Montgomery Biscuits. Hence the seating in the background of the medal pic at top. The grass footing was glorious.

Lower left, brown jacket is me taking a photo of 15 seconds of fame on the jumbo screen,


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  1. Cool. And not the temperature. With all the deep colors on mosaics inside the buildings, it makes sense they’d want to put some color on the columns.
    And that capitol building does look familiar….

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