Birds of a Feather Not Flocking Together


Awareness of the outside world. Is it right to worry about animals when members of our own species are in such dire need? Isn’t it our responsibility to help those we have made dependent on us? Equine Ink: How to Help Ukranian Horses.


Two horses. Two riders. Efficient, right?

Not so much.

Right now we are working the two horses consecutively, with the other rider being groundperson as needed. For schooling, horses get shipped to different barns by themselves. [Milton at SSF, Rodney at FHF]

Not a tenable arrangement.

Rodney doesn’t feel strongly about the presence of other horses. He doesn’t like to be strafed, but who does? He’s a bit better at home with company. Doesn’t care if he’s alone at FHF. Mainly, his issues lie elsewhere. [Getting Our Hunter On person space]

Milton cares. Deeply. He either makes a beeline to Rodney and refuses to be separated, or he gets upset and thinks he needs to race.

One of the specific aims for February was to give Milton time to work alone in order to lay a baseline. We wanted to know what was Milton and what was Milton in company. That was one reason he went to the Moseley lesson alone. [Milton Has A Lesson]

The first time Rodney and I showed up at the mounting block after the February solo month, Milton got his knickers all in a twist. Pinned ears. Sneering snoot. Waving paws. ‘What’s he doing here!?!?’

Gotta work on this togetherness thing.


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