Milton Has A Lesson, I Have A Hissy Fit


Awareness of the outside world. The Atlantic: The Millions of People Stuck in Pandemic Limbo. What does society owe immunocompromised people?, Yong, February 16, 2022.

If you want perky and chipper, come back tomorrow.

Last weekend, we took Milton down to The Stables of Shiloh Farms for another lesson with Stephanie Mosely, website The Empowered Rider. [Rodney & Milton’s Excellent Instruction]

Greg rode.

They were great.

It was awful.

For me, it was sitting with someone eating a fancy meal while your stomach growls.

Rodney did not go. He is getting so much food to maintain him through the winter that he can barely keep the marbles on the table for a 10-minute walk. A lesson was not going to happen. (For the record. Alfalfa twice a day. All the coastal he will eat. As much grain as we dare. But I digress.)

Back to the lesson.

Another on the long list of what that horse owes me. By which I mean Rodney has had a nice life. I have gotten jack in return.

I should have taken advantage of chance to audit. I like auditing. I believe in auditing. I just couldn’t. I’m not nice enough person. I have never been able to watch people doing the things I want to do but can’t.

We arrived several hours early to give Milton time to adjust. Plan worked well. For Milton.

However. My phone was plugged in but didn’t charge on the way down. Hours to wait and I got to watch my distraction for the day slowly lose power. Yes, I have a phone battery. No, I did not bring it. Neither did I bring any dead tree distractions. I have a lot to read at the moment & it is all on my phone.

All with a horse who doesn’t want me near him. I don’t even sit in the ring when he works.

What part of this is supposed to be fun for me?

Don’t worry. On the surface I was sunny and supportive. I vented my crankiness in my notes.

Oh yeah, the lesson.

Milton did weave cones, which he has always liked. The beginnings of turn on the forehand. Trot poles. Milton was a star. Smiles all around.

Oh. joy. yippee.

It’s not a zero-sum game. Their win is not my loss. I’m happy that husband & Milton are doing well. I’d like to be doing well also.

At least I got a blog post out of it.


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