Mindset Monday, A Moment


“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

Remember last Monday I said that I was stressed before an interview? [Wondering]

As a reward, I scheduled a riding lesson. [Saddlebred Attitude]

After three days of winding myself up, I was completely exhausted & out of stress chemicals.

I had a small eek when we set the lesson then I was okay. I went out the barn. Chatted with folks. Brushed the horse. It was wonderful. Casual. Relaxed. Out to have a fun ride. As it should be. Got ready. Got on.


Just as I swung my leg over, the hyper-excitable emergency alert system in my lizard brain woke up. ‘Wait! What? Getting on a horse?!? Time to pani …’ and done.

A short, sharp spike.

Kinda funny now that it’s over. Disorienting at the time.


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