Home Team Update, Rodney


Awareness of the outside world. Ars Technica: New York Times spends “low seven figures” to buy Wordle, Cunningham, 1/31/2022. Sometimes the good guys win.

“”We can have a sane Rodney or a fat Rodney, but not clearly both. So far this winter, we’ve chosen a fat Rodney.” Husband, email to a third party.

Continuing the theory of keeping up with the home team, even when they aren’t doing much. [The Difficulty of Writing the Mundane]

And what is our hero up to?


Rodney is living his best life, as always.

Putting on weight.

Cantering around the field.

And yet.

He is starting to think that being on the shelf is not quite as much fun as he thought it would be.

Maybe, just maybe, a little bit of a job might be okay.


Lunged over the weekend. Hopped. Got all four off the ground. But only for a quarter of the circle, with vertical loft measured in inches rather than feet. I couldn’t have videoed it if I had tried. It was over so fast.

It was as if part of him wanted to have a hissy fit but the rest of him couldn’t be bothered. I’m taking this as a sign that his body is feeling better and that’s putting him in a better mood.

Tea leaves. Reading tea leaves.


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