Nationals I Have Known, As Seen From A Cart

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Awareness of the outside world. Robin Groves joins the American Driving Society Centennial Club for her drive at the Vermont Morgan Heritage Days. Click for photo, ADS FB page. “The ADS Centennial Club recognizes carriage drivers and their one equine partner whose combined ages total 100 years or more.” ADS: Championship & Award Programs. More details, ADS FB. Squad goals! [Weekend]

A friend is scheduled to have their first driving lesson today. Yay driving!

Of course, this got me thinking about my own driving. How much I enjoy it. How I haven’t been in a cart since my last ASB show, back in 2019. In pondering who had done what when, I realized I had shorted the driving horses. [Taking The Reins]

A while back, I did a post recapping my experience at Nationals, I included the driving links but not the driving pics. I am hereby correcting that, with thanks to Alvin and Snippy. [Nationals I Have Known, List of Links]

Driving at Nationals is two classes. No Sunday final. I majored in pastels. My best placing was 3rd of 8 in 2017. In 2014, Alvin & I got 4th & 5th out of 5. I recall being very annoyed on Alvin’s behalf. In 2017, Snippy and I were 4th & 3rd out of 8. Count ’em, eight student drivers in one ring. It was all about traffic management.

I was surprised to find I had only driven two years. Would have sworn more.


Alvin Ailey (Alvin)

Alvin Ailey [Show Photos]

Why don’t you drive at Nationals?
Say whaaaaat?

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HB Whizbang

[Show Tweets: NACHS17, A Horse Show in 6 Tweets]
[Show Photos: NACHS17]
[Show Reports: NACHS 2017 & Winter Tournament 2017-18 #1, Driving]

Now that I’ve sorted all of this out, I’m leaving it here for reference.

2013. I did not drive. Coco & Alvin showed with other people.

2014. Alvin

2015. I did not drive. Big showed with someone else.

2016. I did not drive. Iggy showed with someone else.

2017. Snippy

2018. I did not drive. Whiskey showed with someone else.

2019. I did not show. No carts from SSF.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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