The Rest of the Weekend

Greg & Lyricc Photo by Whip Hand Farm
Greg & Lyricc
Photo by Whip Hand Farm

While I was showing in Murfreesboro, TN, [Show Report 2016] Greg was 30 miles up the interstate in Franklin, TN, at Whip Hand Farm for a driving clinic with Robin Groves. I’m sure he had a lovely time, learned much, yadda, yadda. More importantly, how did this effect moi?

Last year, Greg drove up to Nationals for the day on Sunday. (What a guy, right?) I was a hot mess [Show Report 2015]. It helped.


This year, Greg’s plan was clinic on Saturday, show on Sunday. I was undecided about going up to watch. Did I really want to sacrifice my nap time? You laugh. That nap break has become an important part of my show life. Come the day, I was so high from my second place in Saturday’s Championship class that I drove up in a haze of acetate. Only to fall asleep in my car as soon as I arrived.

I woke up in time to watch part of his class, then drive back for the evening session. I also decided that I was in a much better place mentally [Lengthen Your Reins]. Therefore, he should stay at the clinic and skip the show. Yes, I would’ve loved to have him there, but I didn’t need to have him there. Non-ASB driving is so scarce for us, he should take advantage when he can.


Kate & Jewel, Greg & Bliss Photo by Whip Hand Farm
Kate & Jewel, Greg & Bliss
Photo by Whip Hand Farm

Life in a two (three?) discipline household is gonna be interesting.

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  1. Interesting what happens when you get him bit by his own related bug 😉 Good for you for being okay without his support!

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