We Are Go For Trot, Virtual Tevis 2021

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Awareness of the outside world. “The true horror is the fact that we’ve known about all of this for generations.” Informative, horrifying, lengthy Facebook post about Residential Schools by Jessica O’Neill, “a Canadian and a historian.” Extensive source list at end. Assist to friend who shared on FB.

… pause to regroup …


Doctor Whooves & Major Milton are signed up to once again challenge themselves over hill and dale with the 2021 Tevis Cup – Virtual Western States Trail – 100 Miles in 100 Days, Sat July 24 – Mon November 1, 2021. I jest, but that’s a lot of miles for two pasture puffs.

Women’s Classic Endurance Riding Tights from Rackers.

I have thoughts about this year’s race.

For You

Last year, I got quite excited. I tracked our data. I reported it. All of it.

I have to admit, even I find those data-heavy posts from last year to be hard slogging.

This year, I am still excited. I will still keep track of all our data. I will attempt to make the reporting of said data more palatable.

Granted, this blog is a journal but a journal offered for public consumption. There is an implied commitment in return for your investment of time. I will endeavor to entertain.

For Me/Us

+ As with any long term project, we plan to build up an early lead, as we can. Need to leave time for bad weather & bad footing, our annual routine vet appointment, mysterious foot ailments, and all the other reasons our two find to take time off.

+ Last year we ended on a walking note. We would like to mix in more trotting, and possibly cantering.

+ Do 10% of the miles off site. We managed a bit over three off-site miles last year by wandering around at two barns where we school. This year, maybe an actual trail ride on an actual trail property. A dog can dream.

+ Jod pants with pocket for phone in order to track miles, shown above. While I am planning not to obsess down to the hundredths the way I did last year, we still need a general idea of how far we go each ride.

I was unsure about carrying a phone on my leg. Then I left my phone at the barn. Walked backed to barn. Looked around barn. Started to get annoyed. Realized the phone had been in the leg pocket the entire time. That’ll work.

For all instances of “planning”, insert “hoping.” This is horses we’re talking about.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.

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