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Awareness of the outside world. So Alabama; so the nation. “Kay Ivey didn’t ignore education as part of her campaign. We did.” What Kay Ivey’s trans bashing really revealed, Whitmire, Jul 02, 2021.

Horse treats are all about operator attributes. While horses have opinions, see below, most horses will eat most treats. Therefore, the difference is how the treats handle.


Plus. Portable & durable.

Plus or Minus, depending. Human food.

Minus. Unwrapping gets more difficult with time. Older mints decompose into sticky, melty, messes.

Best usage. Travel. Long-duration pockets.

Life hack. Store peppermints in air-tight containers to keep them fresh.

Big Bag O’Treats

Whatever is small & cheap at the feed store.

Plus. More bang for the buck.

Minus. Crumble in your pocket. Turn to dust in at the bottom of the bag.

Best usage. At home.

Fancy Treats

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Plus. Yummy. One assumes. They certainly look tasty.

Minus. Big. Fragile. Expensive.

Usage. Tried to use as rewards for loading. Alas, the second bag did mot prove as successful. Rodney gets distracted and doesn’t eat. Milton is more about quantity than taste.

Props to the friend who instigated this conversation. BTW, I use the vague “friend” instead of naming specific people a) for privacy reasons. I make the bet that people who are not named and get upset about being overlooked will be less upset than people are named and don’t want to be & b) b/c I often lack the lead time to ask which they want.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

3 thoughts on “Treat Treatise

  1. Interesting how much time I put into the dog treat thing too. And while they love them all there is still a hierarchy

  2. Eowyn (dog) is 11 years old and I have yet to find a treat she won’t eat. We stick to tiny and soft these days as she only has 3 teeth left (and how she managed that pretzel rod she stole I do not know). Chief (horse) probably liked peppermint, but I hate the smell of mint so wouldn’t let him have any. He was, however, fond of onion grass, and would make a beeline for the stands the other horses carefully ate around. Onion breath!

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