A Walk in the Zoo, A Sprint for Sloths, A Semi-Virtual 5k

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. The Sloth Conservation Foundation.


16th Annual AAZK Zoo Run : Sprint for Sloths
Race day – Saturday, May 21, 2022
My walk – Thursday, May 19, 2022
Distance – 3.1 miles
Time – 1:03:49 hrs moving time, 1:07:32 hrs elapsed time – dunno if this includes pausing the clock for the sea lions or not
Pace – 20.35 min/mile moving, 21:47 min/mile elapsed

IRL that I did DIY, in order to support a local event but not take a Saturday away from horse activities. Also, the web site not clear on the medal situation. Awards to fastest/slowest but no word on finisher medals. Looked like the shirt might be the limit to my loot. So, after I got my shirt on one of the the pick-up days, I wandered about the zoo for an hour. Not a bad time for slaloming through camp crowds.

Shirt pic if it ever stops raining.

Break for Sea Lions

Caught the end of the sea lion feeding during my walk. The last behavior was clever. The keeper gives the We’re Done signal. One sea lion dives into the water; the other scoots over to a pen next to the gate, see photo. Keeper tosses fish into the water. Exits gate. Gives fish to other sea lion through fence. Everyone gets fish. No one tries to follow the keeper through the gate horking about more fish. Anyone who’s every had to turn a horse out in a pasture knows how problematic gate traffic can get. BZ: California Sea Lion

Finish With Feathered Friends

Planned my route so that I would end at the Lorikeet aviary. BZ: Rainbow Lorikeet



Bird selfie.

Selfie with birds.


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  1. I love the Zoo! Especially the Lorikeets. I remember one sitting on my/your? ball cap visor and peering down at the face, upside down.

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