In Which Rodney Gets Back Into The Ring And Jumps A Small Crossrail


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In related news, Heather Cox Richardson has an explainer in the history of the NRA. “90% of Americans—including nearly 74% of NRA members—support background checks.” Letters From An American: May 24, 2022.


Falcon Hill Farm, last Sunday. Two months since we’d been in a ring with jumps. Rodney had to get over seeing all that lumber. Lots of trot poles. Trotted over tiny crossrail. [Rodney Returns To The Ring]

Me: Plan is to trot the crossrail and canter away from the jump.
Rodney: How about I jump the jump and canter away?
Me: Okay then.

Notes to Self

Calm and and quiet as one could ask for. Given the hairy eyeball he was giving the jumps at the start, I need to remember that he can go from Sky is Falling to No Big Deal in the course of a schooling session. I need to not buy into his overload at the beginning. Got plenty of that on my own.

I worked on theories from the clinic. Being crystal clear and super certain about what path we were taking and what pace we would use to take said path. Not riding physically any different, just being clear in my own mind. I think it settles him? We’ll see. [Thoroughbred Theatrics]

I’m much more Go Thataway, as was Previous Horse. [Control Issues]

Proving that he can have his ears up in a photo. The residents were larking about.


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