Trotting About At Home


Awareness of the outside world. My request to join a Facebook group was declined. Why does rejection always hurt? Even if the rejection is from faceless strangers of a group in which you were only moderately interested? And yet it does hurt. Each rejection recalls the other times I was excess to requirements. While I was able to acknowledge that there are people who like me, I was in enough of a tailspin to wonder why they did. IDK, maybe other folks are more mature and better able to handle the opinions of others.


Once again, no jump schooling.

Last time, Rodney had a minor setback. [All Revved Up With Nowhere to Go]

This time, it was my turn.

I tripped over a branch in the driveway while unloading groceries. On one hand, the bag of groceries kept me from seeing the stick. OTOH, the bag of groceries cushioned my fall. Spent weekend sore and stiff from the sudden redirection of kinetic energy.

Since we weren’t schooling the jumps at Falcon Hill Farm, we set up a grid line of poles and low cavelleti in the riding area of the pasture. Trotted the line several times. Rodney only wanted to run at them a little.

No idea why my horse finds his own backyard so alarming.


6 thoughts on “Trotting About At Home

  1. It is a shame that fb group rejected you…a shame for them. They are going to miss out on the utterly unique perspectives that only you could bring.
    I hope your groceries stop trying to sabotage you soon 🙂

  2. Thank you all. I’d say it helps, but, well, see above. Apparently humans are wired to put more emphasis on bad things than on good things. Instincts are to keep you alive not to keep you happy.

    We no longer need to worry about tigers in the bushes. Tell that to our brains.

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