All Revved Up With Nowhere to Go, Delay of Game, Again


Awareness of the outside world. Surprise filling earlier this week. 😦 Wasn’t too bad. Worst part was epinephrine hangover.


I don’t know how Rodney does it.

Before the show, I was deliberately keeping our work at Falcon Hill Farm to a trot. Now that the show was over it was time to move on. Take the next step. Canter. Grids. Poles. Dare we say jumps? YOLO. Just Do It. Reach for your dreams.

Or not.

The following weekend, Rodney was juuuuust tight enough somewhere in his hind end to preclude activities that loaded the hindquarters, i.e. jumping & cantering. He was fine. He was sound. Maaaaaybe a step or two at beginning of the trot. Noticeably tight in the left lumbar. Deeply disinclined to lift the opposing foot. Warmed out of it with activity. Lingering tightness for a day or two.

“Learn how to maximize inconvenience to your rider with minimum inconvenience to yourself! Sign up for my class now!” Rodney (probably)

That’s okay. He’s still resting on his laurels from the show. [Crossrail Contender]


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