SSF Summer Show Shirt


Awareness of the outside world. Alabama NewsCenter: Alabama Dam Ride pedals for a cause, White, May 13, 2022. Photos by Meg McKinney.


Group order from Custom Ink. Each year everyone gets a new shirt in a new color for the summer fun shows.

Wasn’t gonna order one. Have so many Stepping Stone Farm shirts (so! many!). Just gonna be the old gray mare in an old gray shirt.

The shirt is at least 6 years old. The photo will never get old. [NE GA Charity 2016]


Looked at a local jumper show prizelist. Between this fee and that fee and that fee over there, the money adds up before you even start entering classes. That’s for one show.

A new shirt for the summer shows costs slightly less & I hope to do two of the three summer shows. So, 50% per show.

If I’m paying for the hunters, might as well pay for the Saddlebreds. Plus, if I’m gonna do the shows, might as well do them right.

Ordered fitted version and smaller size than usual for closer fit. 😦

Whether or not I get to the shows – she adds superstitiously – at least I got blog post out of it.


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