To Vfinish Is To Vwin, Virtual Tevis 2022


Awareness of the outside world. NPR: Michigan medical students walk out on an anti-abortion keynote speaker, Sullivan, July 25, 2022.


Having finished doing everything, and writing about doing everything, time to recap this year’s Virtual Tevis. [Dance Card]

Started on Thursday, April 7 with a 1-mile ride. Finished on Friday, July 8, with a 1.84-mile ride. All at walk. All in home pasture. Going around the pasture instead of going around the ring area counts as “trail miles” for this crew.

We rode 55 times in 92 days. (Or so, spread sheet lists 54 rides. I am going to be mature and NOT track down the missing ride. Let it go. Let it go.) Longest ride was 3.15 miles. Average ride was 1.8 miles. Sounds about right. We usually rode for either 1 or 2 miles, depending on time available.

This was our third Virtual Tevis. It felt like the hardest one to finish.

100 miles in 100 days is easy – if you keep at it.

I took a week off. [I’m Bored Already]

My horse took a week off. [Playing Catch Up]

Milton and his rider were kind enough to wait and finish with us.

When it was looking dubious, I made the claim that I wanted to finished because I liked this year’s shirt. It was an excuse. I wanted to finish.

Before we started, I said I would be okay with not finishing. [Virtual Tevis Announced For 2022]

First off, when I said it, I meant not finish because we were so busy with shows and lessons and trailering to exotic, exciting showcation destinations.

Second, pfffft, who am I kidding. I want it all. Busy show schedule AND time to do the VT. I didn’t say it was reasonable, just that I wanted it.

This year, props to the horses for being amenable about all the pre-breakfast rides. In truth, I think they prefer it. [Let The Summer Hours Begin]

Next year. More gaits. More places. More milestone photos. I said the same about this year. Something to work towards.

[VT archives]


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