A Full Dance Card

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Awareness of the outside world.

Screenshot. “Stop referring to the pandemic in the past tense and climate change in the future tense Dr. Elizabeth Sawin” Original post, Igram: alexhuttinger July 18. Source, Elizabeth Sawin. HT, Igram: dr.berthahidalgo.

I took this seriously while volunteering. Wore a sturdy mask whenever I was indoors. Very much in the minority, but not alone. The rest of the activities were outdoors or did not involve other people. In related news, Braymere Custom Saddlery: PlagueFest.


I don’t get out much. I’d like find more entertainment, but few activities are worth the drive into town. Whether the fault lies with me or with Alabama or somewhere in between is a debate for another day. Bottom line, my schedule is frightfully free of frolic.

Suddenly, zap. My calendar becomes an overstuffed pinata.

To Do

[Show Report]

Show. Preparing for a show in the 16th meant many, many trips to Falcon Hill Farm to acclimatize Rodney to a ring full of jump standards. [Getting The Point Across(rails)]

Ankle. Preventing reinjury. [I’m Bored Already]

To Watch

Screenshot. Stepping Stone Farm rider enters the ring at Kentucky Horse Park.

Lexington Junior League Horse Show, BreyerFest, & Tour de France – The yearly couch potato festival [On Being An Energetic Couch Jockey]

Note to self. Let the first screenshot clear before you take the next one.

To Both

Photo. Signs for the Parade of Countries at the Opening Ceremonies. Taken by a fellow volunteer.

Tevis. Ride the Virtual Tevis. Follow the IRL Tevis online. Archive [Virtual Tevis]

TWG. Volunteer. Watch live & replays online. [Volunteering at The World Games]

Some Were Compatible

Show & Virtual Tevis. All the long, slow riding for the Virtual Tevis was a great way to get ready for the show. Otherwise, I would have gotten my tail in a knot and overworked my horse.

Ankle & Show & Virtual Tevis. I started riding a week or so after my ignoble dismount from the stool. All I could do was ride at a walk. That was all we were doing for Virtual Tevis anyway. Forcing me to slow down the FHF schooling to a walk meant giving Rodney more time to think and adjust.

Some Were Not

Clashing Schedules. Show & Virtual Tevis vs. The World Games. If we hadn’t had two riding deadlines, I might have moved things around to do more to volunteering at TWG. For example, perhaps a chance to carry one of the signs in the actual Opening Ceremonies and schooling at FHF on another day.

Doing/Watching. Show & Virtual Tevis & The World Games vs. IRL Tevis & The World Games & Lexington Junior League Horse Show & BreyerFest & Tour de France. Being busy (yay!) left me little time to follow all the online content. Saturday, there were five things to watch, two of which I paid for. It was show day, so you can imagine how much I saw.


Then, come Monday, poof, everything except the Tour de France was over. Show horses were back in their own barns. Athletes were heading toward the airport. BreyerFest attendees were posting pictures of the new members of their plastic pony herds. Back to status quo sleepy.

It was all great. Did it have to be great all at once?


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  1. I admire your energy. These days I sort of drift along with the currents of life, except lately when it’s too freaking hot. Neither Eowyn nor I deal well with temps close to 100.

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