Double Sessions


Awareness of the outside world. Just heard about Walgreens. Depressing. Feels like intolerance is winning.


Double sessions were a factor in our recent everything-all-at-once experience. [A Full Dance Card]

Not twice the work. More like splitting the day’s work into two pieces. Virtual Tevis in the morning to beat the heat. Trailer Rodney over to Falcon Hill Farm in the late afternoon to approximate the timing of the upcoming evening show.

Really liking how it turned out.

Morning sessions were low-key because Rodney had an appointment that evening. When we got to FHF, we could get right to work because he’d gotten the oil moving earlier in the day.

Of course it’s more effort because you have to dress horse and self twice. Sometimes it seemed silly to ship over for a short ride. OTOH, Rodney did well on the regimen.

We’re going to see if we can incorporate this moving forward. Maybe riding in the morning and ground work in the evening. Or more trail ride/travel days.


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