In Which I Ponder The Sports Of The Future


Books from the outside world. Head On, Scalzi, 2018. “It has everything: Futuristic sports, murder, sex, love, home invasion, shady business people and midnight flights to central Europe. As one must.” Whatever: Head On Post-Writing Post. Read prologue, Head On.


The World Games bills itself as “New Generation of Global Sports.”

What sports will we be playing in the 2120 Games? A quick Internet search shows that movies and books predict future sport becoming high tech and/or death matches.

I predict we will move in the opposite direction. As tech expands, we will place a priority on “pure sport”, i.e. what a human can do unassisted.

Competitions than use little or no technology will become the status sports. Running. High Jump. Wrestling. Straight up human effort.

Of course there will be no such thing as an unassisted competitor.

Before the competition there will be nutrition, immersive training, questionable medications, misuse of nanotechnology. During the competition, there will be the playing surface, the clothing, the shoes.

When we speak of tech, we tend to think of things that beep and blink. However, anything built is technology. The rope in tug of war. The shot in shot put. When seconds or inches count, huge amounts of money are spent on materials and design.

Yet, despite the dictates of logic, the ideal will remain the naked dude running in ancient Greece.

I haven’t touched on team sports or sports from the past, such as fencing or riding. Thoughts?

Update. Check out food for thought in first comment.


2 thoughts on “In Which I Ponder The Sports Of The Future

  1. Two thoughts:

    I agree about the unassisted human. Many of the time-tested sports are unassisted – track and field (running and throwing), wrestling (including Sumo), swimming, etc. Just as the advent of the computer-for-everyone increased interest in hands-on crafts, the tech world will probably increase interest in the naked dude. Humans need to value their humanity as an offset to the wealthy winning because they can afford the best equipment.

    You didn’t touch on team sports but I believe that is the second major trend. The more tech isolates us, the more we need human interaction. Age of Aquarius isn’t just a song. The very existence of the digital universe makes group communication possible to a degree never before contemplated so expect team work/play to be an increasing factor in all we do.

    Perhaps we will even learn to work and play together peacefully.

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