Views Of Vulcan, The World Games


Art from the outside world. Birmingham Times: Ramsay High School Student Captures 1st Place in World Games Art Contest, Michaels, May 23, 2022.


Prize Statuette

Legacy Arena, 14 July 2022. Podium reactions to Vulcan trophy highlight World Games, Goodman, Jul. 16, 2022.


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 75

TWG: The World Games 2022 Medal Reveal, image from website.


TWG: Vulcan & Vesta, Official Mascots of The World Games 2022

Signage as part of skyline

UAB Fields, 15 July 2022.


Screenshot from, 10 July 2022. Part of introductory chatter for TWG event livestreams and videos.

Cartoon ‘Let the World Games begin!’ The pants-less Vulcan dude abides, Crowe, Jul. 08, 2022.


The World Games 2022 & IWGA

Vulcan Park & Museum

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