I’m Bored Already

Not Riding

I’ve taken up this new hobby of cage fighting …

One of the ER nurses suggested that sounded better than what actually happened.

Stepped off stool in barn. Ankle twisted underneath me. I went splat.

Not broken. Sprained to the point that the treatment is similar. Ligaments are apparently hard to heal b/c they are not well vascularized. Reminds me of equine lower legs.

Wear boot. Take it easy. How long depends on whether I stretched or tore the ligaments and how badly. Recovery could be up to 6 weeks, depending on damage.


11 thoughts on “I’m Bored Already

  1. Oh no! Please take care of yourself and take their advice about taking it easy – trust me, it is SO HARD!

  2. Ouch! Having broken my left ankle twice in the past four years, I feel your pain all too clearly. For me, a knee scooter was a life saver. So much better than crutches. Also, compression socks. I resisted those forever, but they help bring down the swelling and that is important for allowing the ankle to heal. I also taught Zelda to stand by a large, stable mounting block for dismounting so it wasn’t so far to the ground when I finally could ride. I really need to learn to mount/dismount from the right but my old brain doesn’t want to process the new series of movements.

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