Delay of Game, Week 8, Virtual Tevis 2022


Awareness of the outside world. A reminder that progress is possible. Your Local Epidemiologist: We can reduce gun violence in the U.S. Article talks about tobacco & car safety. To this I would add the rapid – in societal terms – reversal on drunk driving. Are you old enough to remember ‘One for the road’?

Pause to remember those for whom progress would come too late.


Total. 56 miles, 30 rides, 24 hours 41 minutes, pace 26:27 min/mile.

This week. 1 mile, 1 ride, 30 minutes, pace – walk

To go, 44 miles in 48 47 days. Still ahead of game by four three miles. That will change. Update, corrected for date of post rather than date of draft.


Rain at the beginning of the week. A quick stomp thru the mud. Rider vet delay at end of the week. [I’m Bored Already]

Although lessons and schooling are out for a while, I hope to be able to wrap the ankle, hop on, and log a few easy VT miles, sooner rather than later.

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