Easing On Down The Road, Week 9, Virtual Tevis 2022


Awareness of the outside world. Medscape: ‘Great Optimism’ Over Complete Responses in dMMR Rectal Cancer, Harrison, June 05, 2022. Many caveats, but I’m told this level of result *never* happens.


Total. 57 miles, 31 rides, 25 hours 6 minutes, pace 26:25 min/mile.

This week. 1 mile, 1 ride, 25 minutes, pace – walk.

To go. 43 miles in 41 40 days. We are officially behind the curve. Update, corrected for date of post rather than date of draft.


How to ride with a swollen foot. [Bored]

Take an jod boot that is out-of-service due to a blowout between the upper and the sole. Cut out zipper. Insert foot. Close with duct tape. It is on days like this that I feel vindicated for never throwing anything away.

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  1. Keeping things…I had an old service dog vest of Ewoyn’s that she hadn’t been able to use for years because the straps came loose. Don’t know why I kept it. Then, she got a new winter jacket and I was able to cut the words ‘service dog’ from the unusable vest and glue them to her new jacket. Some things just need to wait a while to be needed.

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