The Good Way To Have Ups And Downs With Horses, Week 7, Virtual Tevis 2022


Awareness of the outside world. The National Museum of American History Behring Center: “What Hath God Wrought” Telegraph Message.


Total. 55 miles, 29 rides, 24 hours 16 minutes, pace 26:28 min/mile.

This week. 9.6 miles, 5 rides, 4 hours 6 minutes, pace – walk

Finished up seven days in a row, including one 3-mile ride. Now taking a break for rain.


Have added stadiums to our walks. Going around the edge if the field is the same altitude but easier climbing. Going straight up the middle is a workout. Up. Turn around. Back down. Learning to use their horse butts.

Of course, they will canter downhill in the mud at mealtime.

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4 thoughts on “The Good Way To Have Ups And Downs With Horses, Week 7, Virtual Tevis 2022

  1. I was riding Priney on a trail I didn’t know one day, figuring we’d just turn around and go back the way we came. It was getting close to dinner time, so we turned around. But instead of going down the trail, she made a sharp right turn and bushwacked up the hill. Coming out at the back fence of one of the pastures. She knew where she was the whole time. That mare loved her food.
    The next day, i heard someone talking about a new path that looked like a deer might have pushed through. I had to laugh and tell her it was Priney, homing in on her next meal.
    One day when she’d been a pasture pet for some time, she stopped eating and we knew she was ready to go to the Bridge. I came into the barn the next day to see Nancy standing by a stall. She turned around when I came in and said, I wish I had more owners like you. This horse is sick and in pain and needs to be put down, but his owners ‘can’t bear’ to lose him. I told Nancy, I couldn’t bear to lose Priney, but it was her time and I couldn’t let her suffer..Nancy had known Priney longer that I had, so it was sad for her too.

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