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Awareness of the outside world. TWG: The World Games 2022 contributes $54,000 to Help Ukrainian Athletes and Sports, July 18, 2022.


Sand Sculpture by John Gowdy

Did you know Tug of War used to be in the Olympics? Confession, I chose that venue from a sense of ‘What in the world?’ I enjoyed it immensely.

“The TOWA consider that tug of war certainly warrants re-introduction into the Olympic Games. The rules are easy to understand and the sport is spectator friendly. In addition, the results do not depend on subjective scoring by a panel of judges. Tug of war is accessible to everyone at all levels as the sport does not require large amounts of costly equipment, space, or bespoke sports stadia.” U.S.A. Tug of War Association: Olympics History.

They are not wrong. Having seen it live, I would go to watch Tug of War again.

My Shifts

Day 0 – online training

Day 1 – UAB, Concierge Services

Day 1.5 – BJCC, pick up uniform etc.

Day 2 – Protective Stadium, Opening Ceremony Rehearsal

Day 3 – Birmingham Southern College, Athlete Check-in & Concierge

Day 4 – BJCC, Video Archery (spectator activity), lobby outside of Floorball

Day 5 – Avondale Park, Archery/Legacy Arena, Aerobic & Rhythmic Gymnastics

Day 6 – UAB Fields, Tug of War

Since we rode in the morning, I ended up with afternoon shifts, when things tended to be quiet. I spent a lot of time preventing chairs from escaping.

My most entertaining shift was when I was positioned where I could see both warm-up and the competition. Watched folks get ready and then watched them put on their games faces as they went through the curtain.

My most useful shift was when we were in charge of keeping the coolers filled. Grabbed a handful of chilled water bottles. Wandered around the venue. Offered a bottle to anyone with a badge around their neck. Gone in minutes.

Why Working With People Is Different Than Working With Horses

Oh no, that tent leg is flapping. I must tie it down before it causes a spook. Oh…


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The World Games 2022 & IWGA

AL.com: World Games had high cost, hard to measure returns for Birmingham, Garrison, Jul. 19, 2022.

“It was enough to see #Birmingham trend on Twitter on Thursday” AL.com: Archibald: Was the World Games worth it? Jul. 17, 2022.

TWG: The World Games 2022 Puts Haudenosaunee Nationals, The Inventor Of Lacrosse, On International Stage, March 8, 2022.

Fascinating. BarBend: Raw vs Equipped Powerlifting, Siem, July 10th, 2017.

In Closing

Digital flag ceremony

This is what happens when Italy (silver), Bulgaria (gold), and Hungary (bronze) win medals. Rhythmic Gymnastic, Hoop.


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