Playing Catch Up, Week 11, Virtual Tevis 2022


Awareness of the outside world. Reuters: Ancient DNA solves mystery over origin of medieval Black Death, Dunham, June 15, 2022. Explainer, Cleveland Clinic: Bubonic Plague. I remember being greatly disturbed when I found out it still exists. Seven or so cases in the US each year; treatable with antibiotics.


This week. 4 miles, 3 rides, 1 hour 56 minutes, pace – walk.

Total. 65.5 miles, 38 rides, 28 hours 59 minutes, pace 26:35 min/mile.

To go. 34.5 miles in 26 days.

Ring Work

Ring work this week – 9 miles, 7 rides
Ring work total – 14.5 miles, 9 rides
Ride Total if we include ring mileage – 80 miles

Ring work this week & total – 1 mile, 1 ride
Ride Total if we include ring mileage – 66.5 miles

Ring work miles being kept in reserve.


A few days off. Princess (Rodney) took longer than usual to adjust to his new pea (shoes), probably because they stand around under the fans all day rather than grazing and walking. I think he actually manage to register a 0.25 lameness, which is a new mildness record for him. [My Horse Needs Tougher Tires]

One double-session day over the weekend for the additional mileage.

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