Cat Photos For Friday, Instagram Recap

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Fiction from the outside world. Cat Pictures Please (Kritzler Clarkesworld 2015). While I have mentioned this story before, it is both apropos and worth rereading. [I Didn’t Write This Post]


Instagram account, virtual_brush_box.

Photos of the geese & of Blue came out darker than they look on my phone. Note to self, Instagram likes bright? No, I don’t fiddle with the images. That is a can of worms I have left unopened.


As before, photos repeated here as back-up.

Caption: SSF barn cats making it hard for me to pack up.

Caption: Geese Fam

Caption: Blue


Hat tip to Jane for commenting about cat pix last time. I probably would have gotten there eventually, but encouragement certainly helped.

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Accepting their replacement pad.


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